Me and Kevin Robinson - a fellow singer and neighbor since grade school!
Me, Renee (Bova) and Mary (Blanch).  Mary and I have known each other since grade school.  We grew up on the same street.  Renee and I got to be good friends in High School (Chemistry lab partners) and we even rented a hotel together during Beach Week. 
A crowded room at Brittany's where we visited on Friday.  Unfortunately, the Homecoming Game was cancelled because of the Washington area sniper attacks. 
Ike and Kim Elliott (both from WSHS class of 1982) and me. 
Me and Jan (Stapulonis)  We were SUPER good friends in High School!  Wish we'd stayed in better touch!
Me and Beth (Daniels).  We grew up together in the same church - Riverview Baptist. 
Me and Kent Shiffert.  He and I have known each other since childhood - Another one of the many "pre-high school" friends I caught up with!
Alisa (Basile)                Me               Ginger (Harvey)
Alisa and I have known each other since middle school and Ginger was an extraordinary dancer and now is a singer!
Annette (May) and me.  We grew up together on the same street and in the same church. 
Jennie (Coleman) and me.  Another friend from Marumsco Hills.  We could have called this an Elementary School Reunion as well!
Me and Melanie (MacDonald).  She was our Senior Class President and worked tirelessly with Stephanie (Hiett) and the other members of the reunion committee to pull this event together. Kudos to all!  It was WONDERFUL!!!!
The room was full of WSHS 1982 Alumni and guests -
And a great time was had by all!