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Hi! My name is Toni.  I live in Texas and work with an incredible ministry, Mission Arlington, but I'm from the most beautiful and interesting State in the Union: Virginia.

Most of my family lives in Virginia.  My only brother is in the Army Reserves and my "brother-in love" is in the Army as well.  Please keep our service men and women and their families in your prayers!

I have no children of my own, but I "parent"dozens of other people's!

I love Jesus, my family, my friends and my ministry.
I really, really like the Washington Redskins and the Texas Rangers.

I lived in Brazil for 2 years as a Journeyman missionary, so I speak Portuguese. However, here in Texas it has turned into "Portenol." (Portuguese - Espanol) Now my Brazilian friends and my Spanish-speaking friends all cringe when they hear me! :-) Oh, well . . . .

I like to sing, travel, read, watch movies, play board and card games (particularly Rook). I also like to "treasure hunt" at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets, and go to baseball games. I dabble in many things; stamp collecting, baseball card collecting, arts and crafts, playing piano and violin, swimming, volleyball, softball, camping, computer stuff....and pretty much whatever catches my interest. Trouble is, I lose interest so quickly - especially if I end up doing it on my own.  "Not social = Not fun" I always say!

Please, sign my guest book and enjoy "meeting" my friends and family. Take a virtual tour of Mission Arlington, Brazil and Virginia. Please, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my new Homestead. Thanks, and may God bless you! :o)

In His Service and at yours,
E-mail: Miss_Toni@juno.com
Click on the Brazilian flag for a great "Virtual Tour" of Brazil!
"A truly intelligent person does not need to use profanity to express himself."
There were 1,094 hits before I lost my index page....the first time.
Then, there were 1,896 hits when my Juno Homestead "went away."
Let's see how many more I get before something else happens!
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